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Dear A.S.A/P

Solo exhibition, 

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2020

Dear A.S.A/P is a video installation based on real and fictional personas and facts, both historical and actual. Representation – especially in times of political uncertainty – is at the core of this exhibition, set around recurring occurrences in time and concerned with the production of critical art under political oppression and censorship.

Already at the entrance to the exhibition, the installation divides the exhibition venue into two parallel sections that offer a dual perspective on a single narrative around which the entire exhibition revolves: The story of Edition of X, a connective of artists who have developed new modes of artistic practice to enable the execution of artworks on 

behalf of artists who are denied the freedom to act.


Visitors entering the exhibition venue are met with an illuminated sign that is separated by a theater curtain and reads Show (and) Time, each directs the viewer to a different space. 

The Time sign leads to a space characterized by its performative, ephemeral, and bodily nature. This part of the work focuses on the Edition of X connective and their interpretation of the instructions provided by A/P, an artist from whom the freedom to act is denied. The performative interpretation by Edition of X is documented in a video work (Dear A.S.A/P) that is screened in this section.

The Show sign leads the viewers to a space dedicated to the viewpoint of Anne Schwetter, a curator from the Felix Nussbaum Haus at Osnabruck who is in touch with A/P. This space will show the result of Schwetter’s encounter with the members of the Edition of X connective. 

The inherent split in the installation structure deconstructs and reconstructs the two storylines into a complex net of relations that resists a fixed narration and suggests to the viewers, in return, transformative and constantly shuffled positions.

1. Curtains, lighted sign..jpg
3. Metal constructions, Mirrors, light blobs, make-up, paint pistol, .jpg
2.Metal constructions, Mirrors, light blobs, make-up, paint pistol, compressor..jpg
5. The screening area of _Dear ASA_P_..jpg
8. Digital print 85x60 cm.jpg
7. Fence, fan, emergency blanket, print..jpg
4.Air compressor in a cage..jpg
9. Stage segments are rotated vertically so that they can be used as pedestals for objects
11. Under the bridge- oil pastel on paper 170x150 cm.jpg
10. The convoy-oil pastel on paper 150x170 cm.jpg
13 Painted ceramic vase..jpg
12.Bronze , 30x30x10 cm.jpg
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