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Edition of X

Edition of X

  installation view-Video, stage segments, vase, drawing.jpg
_ installation detail-stage segments, painted ceramic vase, oil pastel on paper drawing 50

Edition of X

Edition of X for “Alternative for living “at Kunstmuseen Krefeld, 2019

Edition of X (EOX) is a connective mechanism by which artists in every discipline and who are devoid of mobility can realize their ideas and projects, as these are being materialized by “ad hoc” collaborators.


EOX is a transmission mechanism, in which the artist who is prevented from acting activates from a distance, by sending EOX members literal instructions to be interpreted in a performative manner. During the transmission process, the work of art exchanges writers and media: as it arrives at its final destination, it is the outcome of translation processes and their failure.


The mechanism of the EOX was put into action in the context of “Alternative for living “, a group exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Krefeld, dealing with utopia and dystopia.


As much as the two terms are contradictory to one another, both share the premise of a totally controlled vision of how reality should be shaped, considering a multitude of functions that together illustrate a firm futuristic vision. 


In the eyes of the visionaries, their view of the future is always a beneficial one, a utopia, but history proves that utopic visions can turn into dystopic realities. 


In today’s reality of uncertainty, where the difficulty to foresee the future pushes people to extremities, “Edition of X” would like to suggest a path that steps away from the dichotomic division between utopia and dystopia and think of an alternative path for transformation rather than of change.

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Michal Helfman Dear ASA_P 1.png
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  installation view-Video, stage segments, bronze sculpture 40x40x15 cm.jpg
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