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Edition of X

Edition of X


Sealed in blue, green, yellow, orange and cream

The Ekard artist in residency program, 2022

This work was conceived during my stay at the Ekard residency program, as research through dialogue with the founders of the residency, their collection, and their family history.

The work is a meditative doco-performance, that moves through different historical periods and reveals subconscious connections between the collector's family history and the works in their collection 

The performance draws its structure and content from Walter Benjamin's "Theses on the philosophy of history" which was written on the backs of colorful envelopes during his escape journey in 1940.

When Benjamin handed these envelopes to his best friend, Hannah Arendt, he said to her: "I am handing them to you, more as a bouquet of whispering grass, gathered on reflective walks, than a thesis."

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